Kids group lessons

Blue league | Red league | Black league
A whole week to strengthen your abilities and hone your skills
Monday to Friday - 10:30 till 13:00



From the Blue league to the Black league for a colorful evolution with different levels in each colour.

Group lessons are open to children from 4 years old and up to 13-14 years old in the Red league and Black league levels.

When booking, only the color of the League will be specified.

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Classes start at 10:30 am in Sorebois and on the side of Zinal, each colour has its meeting point.

Coming out of the cable car on your right in front of the Swiss Ski School chalet is

the Black league
the Red League
the Blue league

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Specifications that revolve around the Swiss Snow Academy are offered by the Swiss Snow Sports.

Group lessons are open to children from 4 to 13-14 years old.

For the teenagers and the more experienced people, you can fine-tune your skills with our choices of customized lessons in Freestyle, Freeride or Competition.

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Ski Group Course

For children and young adolescents

Learning to slide, gaining ease on the slopes, having fun in the open air, expressing oneself, progressing and refining one’s technique in a friendly group atmosphere are the objectives of group classes.

Group lessons are divided into 3 types

snow garden* | ski  | snowboard

They take place in the morning on 5 lessons of 145 min.

Monday to Friday
from 10:30 to 13:00

Depending on the classes classes are open in the afternoon, from 13:30 to 16:00

The youngest from 3 years old can become familiar with the snow and learn the basics of skiing in our snow garden.

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As soon as your child has experienced his first gliding sensations you can enroll him in a group ski course.

As a beginner (children from 4-5 years old) the Blue League allows you to learn the basics of skiing.

The Red League consolidates achievements that mature in the Black League .


For adults, we offer personalized instruction in private lessons.

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Useful information

Classes start at 10:30 in Sorebois Thanks for being in the meeting place approx. 10 minutes before departure.

On Monday an evaluation is carried out for placervos children in the three different levels of each league.

The delivery of the notebooks and medals takes place on Friday on the place of assembly in Sorebois from 12:30 (same as the place of departure).

For blue league classes, a 30-minute break is organized at the ski school’s day-care center, where children will receive a small snack.

For group formation

The level of skiing of your children, the language spoken and their affinities are taken into account.

We thank you in advance for your understanding.

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