General terms and conditions




The total amount of the fees for our services is due when you book online or in our offices in Grimentz or Zinal. Your payment completes your booking. If you book online or by email, don’t forget to take the booking confirmation with you.

The lift passes are not included in our fees and can be bought at the “Remontées Mécaniques”. Please make sure that you and your children have the right passes for your stay. The ES and “the Remontées Mécaniques “ are allowed to check the validity of your passes anytime.



As a client of our school, you expressly assume and acknowledge all risks associated with skiing and snowboarding.

Personal accident insurance and third-party insurance are your responsibilities. The ES is not liable in case of incident or accident.



We don’t provide any ski or snowboard equipment. Please contact competent sports shops. The ES is not liable if the clients’ equipment is not reliable.


The Torchlight descent

The Torchlight descent is recommended for people with a good ski level (Red Star). Parents are in charge of their children during all the descent. The ES assumes no responsibility during the descent. All participants must have their own insurances.

The torchlight descent is optional and the ES cannot be liable for inappropriate use of the torches or for any damages or incidents. The ES will not pay for damages caused by torches.





The ES accepts no booking by phone. Our offices try to meet your expectations, within the limit of available places. If your stay takes place during “high season” weeks, we advise you to book your lessons at least one month in advance.



Our prices are displayed and respected but may be subject to revision. Our fees per person include VAT (TTC) and are displayed in Swiss franc (CHF).



The ES services have a cost. We do our job with passion and pleasure; we never discuss the fees for our services and you are required to pay the displayed prices.

We can offer you a 5% discount only if you book online (in our  booking corner).

There is no discount if you book in one of our offices or by email.



Lessons are only refunded if the lessons cannot take place due to total lift shut down and in case of accident or illness, if you produce a medical certificate established by a doctor in Vissoie.

The actual costs for group lessons is CHF 275 per week, 5 x CHF 55 a day.

The fees of CHF 195 for a one-week class is a special deal. If you cancel your participation in a group lesson,
CHF 55 will be automatically deducted from your total payment before the remaining amount of money is refunded.

A lesson is neither refunded nor exchanged if a client is absent or late at the beginning of a lesson. If a client cancels a lesson within 48 hours prior to the lesson, the total amount of the fare is due.

For any cancellation made during the week prior to the lesson, but at least 3 days before the lesson, the ES refunds the amount in vouchers, minus application costs. The voucher has unlimited validity, but only for the Grimentz-Zinal Swiss Ski School.


Lessons take place in any weather conditions, as long as the ES runs its activities. The client is entitled to no refund, deferment or financial compensation.

The ES may modify reservations at any time. For organisational reasons, a requested instructor may not be assigned to a specific client, except for special reasons. The booking for several lessons prevails over a single lesson.


Meeting points

The services of the Swiss Ski School in Grimentz all start at Bendolla (at the top of the gondola), except for private lessons at 09 :00, which start at the departure of the gondola.

The services of the Swiss Ski School in Zinal all start at Sorebois  (at the top of the cable car).


Nursery | Grimentz

The nursery in the ski area welcomes toddlers aged 2 and above. It is open from 10:00 to 16:00 and is located in Bendolla, near the upper station of the Grimentz gondola. You pay by the hour, at the nursery.



Both snowgardens in Grimentz and Zinal are closed areas, especially designed for the security and the wellbeing of young children aged 3 and above.

The Grimentz snowgarden has a permanence (instructor on duty) 7/7 from 10:00 to 12:45 and from 13:30 to 14:45.

The Zinal snowgarden has a permanence (instructor on duty) 7/7 from 10:45 to 12:45.

You pay the package’s fee for the whole day or the whole week, even if the child attends it for only half a day or just one hour a day.


Group lessons for children | ski – snowboard

Group lessons last 145 min.; however, slight delays or changes may take place, in some special cases, due to weather conditions or incidents. Thank you for your understanding.

For group ski or snowboard lessons, if the technical level of the client doesn’t match the chosen level, the ES reserves the right to enrol the client in a class that actually corresponds to his/her level, if there are still available places. The client may not claim any compensation.


Course duration – low season

The ES reserves the right to shorten the lesson duration when there are fewer clients, as shown in the chart below.

Instead of 5 x 145 min :

1 -  2 people                 5 x      75 min.

3 - 4 people                  5 x    115 min.


Private lessons | Instructor

The ES reserves the right to assign a different instructor, without prior notice, if the booking is only for a 75-minute lesson or for any other organisational reasons.

The ES undertakes to honour the service booked by the client but no specific instructor is definitely assigned to him/her.


In order to guarantee the same instructor, bookings for 5 x 75 min. and 5 x 150 min. consecutive lessons prevail over single lessons. These package deals cannot be split up. Should the case happen, there would be no guarantee of having the same instructor.

In case of disagreement or litigation about the services provided by the Grimentz-Zinal Ski School, applicable law to the contract is Swiss law.



The exclusive place of jurisdiction for the Swiss Ski School is Sierre.


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